About Me

I used to blog as a hobby, or should I say when there is nothing happening in my life to get busy with. Always enjoy the company of my family/ friends and have always visualized that I will retire at the age of 35, owning a home by the beach with a golden retriever as my companion.

But in reality, I am a person that draws much pleasure from the stress at work and have always been thirsty to earn more money to fund the desire of traveling with my reality dog, Teddy (a corgi).

Then a few months before my 31st birthday, a twist in fate turned me into a stage IV breast cancer patient. The cancer metesized to my lungs and I had to undergo chemotherapy immediately to control the spread. Reports are saying I will have very little time left on earth... ...but I am hopeful and believe I will live till 90 and die of natural old age instead! Because at the back of me I have the support of a very powerful Man; who can move mountains and calm the waves. Hence, I am not afraid and really believe I can claim that victory... (Amen!)

This blog contains my personal ramblings on life, travel, food trails across Malaysia and Singapore, journey back to fitness and stupidly simple, healthy and natural recipes that I cook for myself and my family. So, welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I am writing them.


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