Dealing with Uncertainty

Life is tough, life is difficult. Life is never gonna be kind to let you live without going through some shit. All around us we see disappointment, pain, suffering and hurting and it is never ending. We grief the tragic state of the world and question the meaning of life and happiness.

Having no control over things made life seems even more terrible. What else seeing things happen in front of your eyes but not being able do anything to stop it from happening...? That's exactly how it feel when you have cancer. However, same with other questions in life, like Why is there war? Why is there poverty? What's the future gonna look like? When am I gonna die? All these are gonna leave us feeling just the same - incapable, paralyzed, abandoned, lost and lonely... Therefore let’s face it, cancer is not the only source of uncertainty, but rather life itself is.

So it would seem that certainty is the only way to go if we were to live life peacefully and happily. But then again how sure are we that certainty is no lesser evil?

Certainty means having control, predictable and knowing the outcome... Therefore to get certainty, it also would mean status quo, nothing changes, nothing evolves and being in a limbo all the time and life is to be stagnant. But is life meant to be just like that...? Running away from challenges, no risk taking and be safe?

Hence, instead of looking at uncertainty as a problem, isn't it more objective to look at uncertainty as possibility? Possibility to a new and exciting day every morning. To truly live and appreciate what is good in life. And putting in every effort to make or do things to its best as if it's their last chance. In fact, if we are able to change our thinking to look as uncertainties as possibility, I would go to say that uncertainty would drive us to an obligation. An obligation to do really great things and not live life as mediocre. But... it's not gonna be easy. Because as human we tend to be attracted to being in control and comfortable.

To truly embrace uncertainties, it would take determination, courage and positive attitude. It takes a crazy faith. Just like when Jesus went to the cross, does he have certainty that the human race would accept Him..? On a human level maybe not... but with God anyhing is possible (Matthew 19:26)... for God alone says, My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither is your ways my way (Isaiah 55:8) and a person's steps are directed by the Lord (Proverbs 20:24).

So have faith, have courage to face the uncertainty that life has throw upon you, because then only you can truly you have live with no regrets.


Stupidgale is a Sino-Kadazan office nerd during the day and leisure blogger by night. She enjoys writting about everything under the sun and is currently living in Singapore with her family (including teddygirl the corgi).

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