Mount Tarumae Hike

Mount Tarumae is an active volcano in Shikotsu-Toya National Park, Hokkaido. After the spending some time lazying at Lake Shikotsu, we drove to the carpark at the seventh station (or a.k.a Lodge at 7th stage of Mt. Tarumae, in map below) for a hike up the volcano.

We couldn't find the carpark in the rented car's GPS, so instead we depended on google to get there. The scenic road which is on the way to the carpark is a gravel road and is about 40 mins drive from Lake Shikotsu. Wasn't entirely prepared for this kind of driving, so the Subaru Impreza which we had rented turned out to be a lucky coincidence. For google direction, click here.

There are many hiking routes around Mount Tarumae and this place seems to be popular with Japanese as compared to foreigner.

Mount Tarumae trail map
Mount Tarumae trail head
Due to time, we did only the East Peak route. The trail started off with a short distance of steep ascent through the bush, that lead up to a flight of stairs before opening up to the bare volcanic landscape. When approaching the top, we can smell sulfur quite distinctively. For us the hike is considered as a mid to easy gradual hike of 50 mins from the trail head to the cross road and another 10 mins to the peak. We wore hiking booths and would recommend to have hiking sticks as well due to slippery gravel.

Cross road near the peak
West Peak on the left and lava dome on the right 
The East Peak, 1,022m
It was cloudy the day we visited Mount Tarumae, but the view is still breathtaking. Very happy that we have stop by this place for a workout while getting in touch with nature again.


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