Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon Honda Half-Marathon 2017, Malaysia

Being able to run and raise funds for cancer back in my own home country is really satisfying. After all, that's where I have spent almost quarter of my life if I ever made it to a 100 years old (LOL...) We collected RM750 in total for National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM), not really a handsome figure, but we were thankful regardless.

Having done fundraising for almost 2 years, I have to admit, fundraising is not an easy task. Not only we need a lot of time and consistency (in training & promotion), determination was the larger issue.

You see, for most of the time the out of pocket for participating in events is more then what we manage to collect. Then, the circle of people which we reached out to is never changing - they are the same crowd over and over again. At times, I kinda felt sorry for flooding their news feed and I wouldn't be surprise if they had the turned off notification on me (Lol yeah, but you get the picture). It felt as though what we are doing is not working, that I might as well given up already...

Seriously though, that thought really did lingered in me for a while. Until I realized I do not need to do this for the cause or other people, but rather I am doing it because something inside me told me I can and I ought to because "...endurance produces character, and character produces hope," (Romans 5:4) Therefore, to give up, it is just not acceptable!

So now, going back to the run and trip...

The run was, I must say, pretty well organized. Water points were abit spanned out and the running route was wide enough that it wasn't crowded as compared to the Singapore run, which was good. We ran not 21.1km but, 22km, so that's a first. And thank God, though I can feel it coming, I didn't got the cramps this time. The final 2km though feels like a killer.

I got a chance to meet-up with one of my good work buddy at the end of the run who got his PB at 2:20hrs at the finishing line, but didn't had a chance to meet up with my BF angel as she was busy with "some"-things (it's ok, maybe next time).

Oh, and did I mentioned that bout the wedding the night before? Haha, well... that was also fun catching up with the Perthies.

And here's Teddy with the medal. Looking not too happy cause I woke her up to post for the photo (Lol... Teddy-teddy...)


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