2XU Compression Run 2017, Singapore

So it was 3 months after the half-marathon in Ho Chi Minh that we did another another half-marathon in the 2XU Compression Run, Singapore. We'd hope that there will be new PBs for this event, however it's easier said than done. My personal target now is to get to 2hr20mins then from there perhaps to 2hrs and then ultimately below 2hrs. These timing is not without basis. They were inspired by JB's boss who though almost at the same age as my parents, are able to beat us with his 1hr50++ on a half-marathon timing. It took him almost 5years to get to where he is. So if he can do it, I believe we can too! Yes, that sounds like a real hard work! Not even sure if we can pull through in the next few runs but all we can do is trust in Him to carry us through.


Yay, another medal added to the collection of 21kms. This run wasn't easy, I mean... no runs are easy... I finished off with a limping cramped leg due to my stubbornness of not wanting to join the queue at the hydration stations. On a happier note, weather was perfect! Forecast says there's 80% chance of rain the night before the race. We rebuked the rain in Jesus name and it didn't rain a drop! Lol, yeap that's the power of His name! Amen! Fundraising updates from the 2XU Compression Run, we managed to to collect $100! And this money goes straight to Singapore Cancer Society where they'll use it to pay for needy patients treatments etc..  ❤ thanks so much for the support and may God bless you abundantly for sowing a seed of hope! Have a nice day peeps!

Next, we will be running in Standard Chartered Marathon KL fundraising for National Cancer Society Malaysia on the 19-May-2017. If you would like to support, donate to either one of the following link! God bless!

Ryan's #SCMKLM2017 fundraising page

Gale's #SCMKLM2017 fundraising page


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