Nepal Short Hiking Trip, Day 2: Chisapani to Nagarkot

Over the 3 days of hiking, in my opinion this is the most challenging day. Putting aside the fact that trekking from Chisapani to Nagarkot is longer in terms of distance, staying exposed under the sun and trekking up & down for most part of the journey made the hike the more strenuous. We started off at about 830am and reached Nagarkot at approximately 530pm! For those who made it by foot, that's 9hrs of hiking!

Anyway despite the taxing journey, what's encouraging was for most part of the trek we got to see plenty of mountain views!

For the first half of the trek before lunch, it was trekking gradually uphill inside the forest.

After lunch, we trekked downhill onto a dusty unpaved road, which is the main road, shared between vehicles and pedestrians. This route continues onto a tar/ dirt road heading uphill leading into a small village.

Then after resting a while at the village, we continued our journey walking along another semi tar/ dirt shared road. It continued on like this for about an hour and then the route start to go downhill. Yay!

However it was not before long that it began to head uphill again. By then most of us were starting to feel exhausted and the group had to be split into two to catch up with time. One group had to stay back and wait for public transport, while the other continue the hike which took us into a forest trek with lots of steps! It was good to be back in the forest, however the steps are really a killer...!

We were so late that by the time we came out of the forest and check into the hotel that it was already dark and cold. Our friend who was left behind had a trauma that night as the long awaited public transport never pass by the road where we had split off. Luckily, our guide had some connections in Nagarkot which allowed him to call for a private car to pick them up - which of course comes at a price.

Though the mood for the group was not high that night, we were thankful that everyone made it safe and sound.


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