Nepal Short Hiking Trip, Day 1: Sundarijal to Chisapani

Our hike started in Sundarijal which is situated about 130hrs ride from Kathmandu. We trekked through parts of Shivapuri National Park and had to pay entrance fee which was settled by our guide. Trekking route is mostly uphill until we reached the highest point in the trek, then the route starts to head downhill into Chisapani.

At the beginning of the trek, there wasn't much view. The route is depressingly dull and the ground was dry and dusty. Then the route turned into hiking up stairs through a village which made the hike abit more interesting. We got to see villages going about doing their chores and started to enjoy the cold breeze that came from being up high in the mountains.

Up, up the stairs we go!
After the village it was mainly trekking in the forest.

We also passed by an army camp (which we later found out to be pretty common in national parks) and continued on what seems like forever wandering inside the maze of the jungle until we saw the first distance mountains between the bush clearings.

And slowly slowly, as we walked out from the jungle, the view just got better and better.

By the time we reached Chisapani, it was close to sundown. It is a small village that only has few buildings along the stretch of a single lane road. The lodge which we had stayed in is pretty impressive... given the remote location, it was made up of all bricks and comes with a nice toilet and hot shower facility.

Next morning we woke up at 650am to catch the sunrise. It was really peaceful looking at the mists giving way to the breaking of dawn.


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