HCMC Run 2017 - The City Marathon, Vietnam

Xin Chào!

Our first run for 2017 was in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This is also our first overseas run since we embarked in our running adventure.

We did the 21km half-marathon and the participation was originally meant as a filler to attending a wedding. Though it was a side activity from the original intention of the trip, we were very glad that we had squeezed this run into the trip.

Vietnam other than being known for its rich historical background, is also famously known for their crazy traffic and kamikaze motorbike users who disregards the traffic regulations. So it was really hard to imagine that we'd be running on the roads of Vietnam until we were really there. Though there were a few thugs who despite the road blocks who still manages to ride through the running route... Lol... believe it or not, majority of the traffic did stopped on HCMC Run day! Haha...

The run took place in Phu My Hung, District 7 of Ho Chi Minh. That's is about 7-8km away from the busy area of District 1 and depending on traffic, it takes about 20-30mins to get there.

Though this is a smaller event in comparison to those that we have in Singapore, the organizers did a pretty good job in execution. There were lots of water point throughout the running route and everything was orderly. Some areas of improvement would probably be to have more distance signages and the effectiveness of picking up finisher medal and t-shirt.

One interesting thing which we did noticed in this event was, apart from the digital checking station, there was also bib counters stationed along the route! These are volunteers on walkie talkie reading out the runners bib number so another person on the other end can cross out the numbers. On first sight, it sorta made the event felt like a budget event. However after noticing grab moto lining up along the running route, it kinda made sense that these extra precautions were taken to ensure the runners are competing fairly, not that we are being competitive... heh.

Our plan for now is to linger in the half-marathon distance until we get comfortable enough before moving on to the next distance. Our dream is to one day to be able to complete a full marathon and bring glory to God.

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