Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2016

5 days after our first half-marathon... the feeling is still unbelievably awesome!!! Never in our mind could we have imagined achieving this running milestone, to be called a half-marathoner - after all, we only started running about 1.5 years ago!

But well, let's be very honest here - it didn't come easy either. Behind today's achievement, what is unseen are the many trainings and hard work that were poured into our lives to shape us into who we are today. Though arguably our training regime were not as intense as some, needless to say, we did still had to wake up earlier during training weekdays and fitting in a long run on weekend every week to keep up with the momentum. 

And our timings are - 2:27 for myself and few minutes later for JB... Lol, isn't it obvious who is the slacker? Just joking BB (*tounge-out-wink*)... I know the effort that you have put in despite being busier then myself & really appreciate the encouragement you have provided. So excited for both our accomplishments. Can't wait to run the whole world with you!!! *heart-heart*

Next year our first running participation will be outside of Singapore at the HCMC Run - The City Marathon 2017 in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. The run was to coincide with us attending our Vietnamese friend's wedding on the evening prior to the event. So, due to the possibility of late night sleep and some drinking involved, we would just take it easy and maybe walk a little if required. 

As for the remaining of 2016, our grand finale will be spent hiking in the region of Kathmandu. Stay tune!
Us, after the run. Thank God for taking us from strength to strength and glory to glory


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