SCMS Warm-up Run 2016, Singapore

We were late again... ...and we could have been jolly well be the last two people that the organizers allowed into the run before they close the pen. The reason we were so late this time were largely because we couldn't find the entrance into the stadium. Sounds like a lame excuse but it's true! Lol...

Anyway though we were late, we did still managed to finish the run with reasonable timing. Yay! So now, we are officially warmed-up for the SCMS2016! Yuhoo!! 

This year we will be running in our first half marathon ever in SCMS. As with previous year, SCMS will be our final running fundraising event for the year which we will dedicate to SCS. 

The reason why we have been challenging ourselves with new distances while fundraising for SCS is because we want to inspire our community to find purpose and meaning in what they do. 

For us, even though in reality we cannot be there physically to support cancer patients and their family, we believe by being able to lessen the financial burdens of these patients, it would at least give them and their family a peace of mind in something - which would be so valuable during difficult time like this. 

So if you share the same believe as us and would like to provide your support to this cause, then do it through:


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