Race Against Cancer 2016, Singapore

Hi guys, sorry for the delay! Was so busy in the month of July that I totally forgot to post an update after the run.

So June was supposed to be a month of training for JB and I for our first 15km, however both of us fall sick. We caught a cold which then led to a persistently long and undesirable coughs. And then for myself, I developed a skin rash, called Rosea Pityriasis which was initially mistaken as ringworm! Luckily it was not the later because that will be harder to cure...

Anyway, Doctor says its typically caused by a viral infection and might become worst, which has come to pass by now. So, all I'm left with are the marks around my armpit and buttocks area. Although it doesn't look pretty, it is gonna heal with time. So let's thank God for that!

Here's a photo of us after the run... certainly not easy, but hey, we made it! Yay!!

To support us, visit: https://give.asia/movement/give_hope_and_spread_love


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