The Straits Time Run 2016, Singapore

And so we did the 10km in The Straits Time Run last Sunday. It was drizzling that morning which made the run even merrier! This is not my first time running in the rain - the first time I ran in one was a heavy down pour which soaked me till my undies. I didn't stop at a shelter to wait it out, instead I ran all the way back home. Worried JB was out searching for me that day, he didn't knew then that I had always like the idea of running and playing in the rain...

For this run, we literary ran from dawn till daylight. Because of the clouds, there was no sun and it was a relatively cool day. I didn't even realized I had hit another new PB until the result was out a few days later!

Though the distance may seemed short to some, it is really an achievement which we hope we can uphold. We thank God for sustaining our every steps and we hope we'll be able to bring glory to His name!

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