OSIM Sundown Marathon 2016, Singapore

This is the first time where JB and I had ran in an event organized during the night. The idea of running under the moonlight seemed romantic at first, however as with any running event, romance is out of the picture when there are hundreds and thousands of sweaty shoulder and arms rubbing at you. Plus the fact that the running pathway was narrow, it made the whole 'rubbing' experience even more apparent... Lol!

For this event, we had participated in the 10km distance as well. One thing that the organizer had done pretty well was they had successfully planned out a very scenic running route. We ran through few of Singapore's iconic places like the Helix Bridge, Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay which serves as an encouragement to keep on moving despite the frustrating narrow pathways.

JB and I were in the final wave for the 10km but timing wise, we still did pretty descent. Though we didn't recorded any new PB it was still very satisfying to have finished the run and know that we have grown stronger.

Next month, June - will be our race free month. However we will be training hard for our first 15km run in the Race Against Cancer which is to be held on the 4th July 2016.

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