My experience with Sabah Snake Grass (SSB)

I had always wanted to blog on my experience with Sabah Snake Grass (SSB) but always find it hard to complete this post because I felt cautious on what to write since there are so many positive opinions on the Internet.

After giving some thoughts, I decided to write something anyway so others who are thinking of trying SSB can have a better understanding of its other potential side effects. The objective of this post is for sharing my personal experience and does not meant to testify against anything.

So to begin, obviously I had cancer. And that's the only reason I had went about trying SSB. Because I had stage IV, the recommended dosage that I am supposed to take is 300 leaves or 60g per day.

Now being new to alternative treatment and also due the reason that I was already on heavy drugs from chemo, I had started out cautious. So instead of diving in straight away, I tested the waters with 1/3 of the actual recommended dosage. Other than the awful taste, everything else was OK. No fever, no side effects, white blood count was good.

Then after two weeks of trial, with everything looking good, I increased my intake to the actual recommended dosage. However things didn't turned out as I had hope it would this time - I was down with fever due to virus attack on the second day of consuming the actual recommended dosage of the SSB, white blood count dropped tremendously and I was put under observation for a day at the clinic with nurses checking my temperature every hour. I was given a whole loads of medicine upon release from the clinic that same day but had remained in and out of fever for another 2 weeks or so. Not a good experience.

So after I had become better and still wanting to give SSB a try, I had went to seek opinion from a food therapy expert who eventually became my TCM Doctor till now. We had a discussion on SSB and according to her, the recommended dosage for SSB varies from person to person and I might just be taking too much of it. There are no actual ways to determine the actual dosage for anyone without first actually trying it themselves. Advise for me was to take only 2 leaves with an apple, 1 time a week, which is strikingly low compared to what was published online. Eventually, I gave up on SSB as it was just impossible to get the shops to sell only 2 leaves to me. Oh well, at least I tried!

So I guess the main take away from this post is there definitely needs to have a better study/ research on the correct dosage of SSB for each individual. And as with any medication, either main stream or alternative, there will certainly have an element of risk for getting side effects if medication is not suitable or if the dosage administered is wrong. Hence for that reason, take medicine responsibly and seek an expert's opinion in anything.

I hope this post has been useful for you. Cheers!


Stupidgale is a Sino-Kadazan office nerd during the day and leisure blogger by night. She enjoys writting about everything under the sun and is currently living in Singapore with her family (including teddygirl the corgi).

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