Lake Kawaguchi/ Kawaguchi-Ko Day Trip

On our final day in Japan, we made a day trip to Lake Kawaguchi. Our agenda: to view the famous Mount Fuji.

Lake Kawaguchi was one of those places where I had visited previously with the girls back in 2013. We stayed in that area for a few days but were not lucky enough to view the mountain. It was raining everyday and we were always soaked wet. 

On this trip though, though it wasn't sunny, we were lucky enough to have a full view of Mount Fuji.

There are several viewing place in Lake Kawaguchi. We did ours from Mount Kachikachi viewing platform and from the Ensolleille boat ride. The views are really stunning... 

View from Mount Kachikachi
View from Ensolleille boat ride
...& seeing Mount Fuji really stirs up memory of my hometown... いいの感じる

To get there, we took the JR Chuo Line - Kaiji limited express train to Otasuki station which takes about 1hr. Then from Otsuki we bought the Fujisan Express free ticket and boarded the Fujikyoku Line to Kawaguchi-ko. Getting around Kawaguchi-ko, we use the Fujikyoku Bus.


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