The cost of cancer treatment

I always talk about cancer treatment being expensive. But I had never elaborated how expensive it can get. So to give you an idea on how much cancer treatment cost, here it is.

For my chemo combination in Y2014/15, it costs approximately SG$9,000 a month during the 6-cycles of intensive chemo. Then during the 6-cycles of maintenance chemo, it was approximately SG$3,000 per month. So for a year of chemo treatment alone, the total bill was approximately SG$80,000. And for clarity, when I mentioned chemo treatment alone it means that the sum is excluding any scans, diagnosis, surgeries, blood test, etc.

Whilst most will think that insurance is able to cover the bills, unless you have purchased a super handsome insurance package, normal insurance package is just barely there and will quickly burnout after more than a year's treatment.

Sometime ago I also read a blog written by a cancer patient who had battled cancer for more than 3 years. Her total treatment sum came up to approximately 1/4 million SG dollars - which is just insane! But as unbelievable as it may be, this is the reality. The longer the fight, the higher the cost. Even during the final days of a cancer patient, money is still required to 'purchase' comfort for a cancer patient to die peacefully and painlessly under hospice care.

Hence due to this, I often find it hard to comprehend how could anyone go through cancer without financial burden except for the rich? Is it not enough to receive news of being diagnosed with cancer that a patient needs to worry about finances also? Who is able to help the needy or even the normal people like you and I?

Thankfully in Singapore we have many organisations that are advocating financial assistance to needy cancer patients and one such organisation is Singapore Cancer Society (SCS). Monies donated to SCS not only fuel education and research, they are also use to provide financial assistance to needy cancer patients so that everyone can get a fair fighting chance...

With this I hope that you can join me in the fundraising and donate (only if you want to). More importantly please help to share this information and hopefully we can bring more awareness to the society.

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