Otaru Day Trip and Crab Buffet in Sapporo, Hokkaido

Snow snow snow!!! Snow is everywhere...

On the 5th day of our Japan trip, we spent the whole day in Otaru followed by a crab buffet back in Sapporo. Yeap you read me right... :) haha...

To get there, we bought the Otaru-Sapporo Welcome Pass from the JR office in Sapporo train station for 1,700yen per pax which allows for unlimited 1-Day travel on JR Hokkaido Trains between Sapporo and Otaru, and all the subway lines in Sapporo. This pass is however only available for overseas visitors and you need to bring along your physical passport during purchase. 

JB had left his passport in the hotel hence he had no choice but to purchase the conventional ticket from the machines every time he board the trains and subway lines. We were disappointed at the beginning, for failing to get the welcome pass for him. However after working out the sums, the total savings was very minimal, just 80yen for the following travel plan: Sapporo-Otaru-Otaru Minami-Sapporo-Susukino-Sapporo.

There are two trains that can get us to Otaru, our intention was to catch the rapid train however after waiting for a while we found out that the rapid train was not working that day. Probably due to heavy snow. So everyone in queue had to cramp into the local train and we traveled all the way to Otaru standing for the remaining 50mins++...

The train was so crowded!
When we arrived, it was snowing heavily! Yuhuu!! There's so much snow that it felt cold even to breath... Haha. And my nose is running nonstop. Later on I found out that the Japanese counter this by wearing face mask... No wonder there's so many of them walking with face mask on the streets... Haha... at least now I know. Next time I'll bring along my pretty face mask which I had purchased from the Hanoi, Vietnam trip.

So despite it being so cold, we braved the snow and walked the streets of Otaru... ...we had a delicious lunch at a reasonable price along the way to the canal. Then after lunch we continued our journey and reached the famous canal. We took many photos there under the freezing cold temperature of -5degC! 

After that we walked further to get to the Music Box Museum which is along the way to Otaru-Minami station. There was a lot of walking and sight seeing but not many things that are really interesting. Most of the shops are souvenir shops selling glass and music box. But if it's music box you are looking for, get it at the Music Box Museum as there are more varieties there. 

By the end of the day trip when we finally reached Otaru-Minami station, we had walked about 5.8km. Luckily our legs were fit. All thanks to the many races that we had participated throughout the year. 

Then we took the same crowded train back to Sapporo and then changed to subway line to get to Susukino to have the crab buffet at Ebi-kani Gassen. It's 200m walk from Susukino station and is setup inside the 12F of a building along the street. For the 90mins we are there, we had a choice of either paying 5,500yen for all you can eat King Crab and Snowy Crab or 6,000yen for all you can eat King Crab, Snowy Crab and Hairy Crab. We selected the later. Yum yum!!! 

All the crabs there are served cold. We enjoyed King Crab and Snowy Crab the most. Had no idea how to eat/ dismantle the hairy crab as it was served as a whole piece hence we had to ask the waitress to do the dismantling of the crab for us... Haha. By the time it was 60mins into the feasting, I had already had my fair share of crabs for the rest of the year, no kidding! JB and his brother on the other hand was still going on strong and they manage to survive the ordeal without experiencing 'crab coma'... Thank God for that!


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