Miyagi-Zao Fox Village (宮城蔵王キツネ村) Day Trip

So on our 2nd day of arrival in Tokyo, Japan, we decided to take a day trip and head to Miyagi-Zao Fox Village.

We started our day early, like really early. Woke at about 5:45am ish and head to Tokyo station to get our reserve seats for the Shinkansen. Now at first while planning for this day trip, we thought we might be the only ones wandering in the train station at that hour. However, boy we were so wrong! Though there are lesser people, there is still enough of them moving around that made me wonder if they ever go to sleep at all? 

Anyway, back to the story...

To get there, we boarded the Tohoku Shinkansen from Tokyo station to Shiroishi-zao station. The train ride is about 2hrs. Then from Shiroishi-zao Shinkansen station, we hired a taxi that costs 4,000yen++ and travelled about 20mins into the forest. The scenery was lovely. And we had our first sighting of a snow capped mountain! 

By the time we actually arrived at the entrance of Miyagi-zao Fox Village it was already 10-ish. You will know you have arrived when you see a huge king kong statue (instead of a fox!) and a deserted car park.

Then just before our taxi driver drove off, he gave us a card, and said "Ask inside. Call..." So we took that as a queue for asking whoever that's inside to give him a buzz when we are ready to go.

Entrance fee was 1,000yen per pax and they also sells carrots and dried meat snacks for feeding the animals. Carrots for the herbivores and dried meat snacks for the foxes. The staff gave us an English written list of do's and don't but nothing about the history of the fox village. 

Basically to me, the fox village is like a zoo. Only difference is, it's smaller, and they have foxes as the main animal population. 

There are two sections in Miyagi-zao Fox Village. The first section is an area where foxes are either being caged up or leashed to a pole (kinda cruel when thinking of it... ...but probably and hopefully for some good reasons). Then in that same section, they also have some sort of birds, a rabbit dent and some small horses.

The second section is the main part of the fox village and it is through a small door that opens up to a moderately big land that have just enough space for the foxes (and humans) to roam around.

So after we had walked a while and had taken enough photos of the foxes, we went to the designated feeding area. It was sorta enjoying at the beginning, feeding the foxes. However after some time, seeing how the foxes fight for their food it wasn't enjoyable anymore. Well, at least for me...

Overall, it was still a good experience for us as we were able to interact with the foxes with no supervisions. We took plenty of memorable photos which can only be captured inside the fox village itself... ...and I also accidentally took and extra souvenir with me... ...guess what??! It's fox poop!!! Wonder how Teddygirl is gonna react when she sniffs my shoe. Hopefully she won't respond by making her mark on it...!!! 

p/s: to get back to the train station, we did what the taxi driver had told us to do earlier. There was no additional surcharge for the taxi nor do we need to pay for the phone call. We do however need to wait for 20mins for the taxi driver to get to us.


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