Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2015

The weather was extremely hot during SCMS2015 but thank God for lending us his strength both JB and I managed to finish the run without complication.

Here's us before the run and we were lucky to have bumped into R2D2 and The Sith Lord who were also participating in the event... Lol! Not really sure if they eventually did ran the whole 10km but their appearance have certainly awakens the force within us! Lol!!

Anyway, back to the eventful day. The 10km official flag-off was at 730am but the organizer did several more mini flag-offs after the 1st wave which set us back to actually start our run at about 745am when the sun is already scorching hot.

The run was really difficult. During normal training days we can pull off the whole 10km without stopping for water but with SCMS2015, due to the heat, we had to stop to hydrate ourselves several times. And probably because of the heat as well (yeah, blaming everything on the heat *grin*), my feet was covered with several blisters at the end although I was already running in my broken-in shoe. Oh well, probably this just means that my body is still not fit enough for long distance running. Sobs~*

Ok, enough with the complains! Because despite everything, we still managed to complete the 10km. Yay!

Our time: 1hr11mins for me and 1hr28mins for JB

Although they are just a humble timing compared to the winners of the event, we are grateful regardless.

This is by far one of the biggest event we have participated to raise funds for cancer patients. We hope that there are many more to come.

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Many blessings!


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