Chemo survival kit #4: Chemo uniform

Yeap, this may sound strange. But having a chemo uniform is really something that had helped me through my chemo and it is for practical and psychological reasons.

There are many ways one can receive chemotherapy. Mine was via Intravenous (IV) which means the medicine is administered directly into my vein through a catheter and valve attached onto my hand that look like this. Leaving me temporary unable to use both my hands together freely.

Well, it didn't bothered me that much at first. After all, I still have the another hand functional. However after just one visitation into the toilet with one of my hand all taped up like that, I thought there has to be a better way!

So, I began to think of ways to make my stay in for treatment more comfortable and at the same time that will motivate me to go in unfailingly; to wipe out this stupidcancer! Which was how I came up with the idea of having a chemo uniform... ...and I think it worked out pretty well.

Everytime I put on my chemo uniform for treatment, I felt like I have a mission to accomplish. Then without realising it, I was in and out of hospital to my final treatment!

So how does my chemo uniform looked like? 

ODD!!! Lol... I know!! But I don't care as they are comfortable and is able to psych me up. Besides, with a cap on they don't look that weird (Lol...)!!

Anyway, the key is to wear whatever that is comfortable and motivates YOU. You might need to try a couple of combination before finding the right chemo uniform. But when you did found the one, hopefully it's going to turn your treatment experience from I don't like to go there to Yeah, bring it on baby! 

Happy chemo! 


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