Cycling: A breakaway from the weekend routine

This Saturday, JB and I finally did our first cycling together. We have been putting this activity on hold for a long time and finally when we hit the bikes with Miss Teddy, we were glad for having taken the time off our normal Saturday routine to try something new.

We did it at Changi Beach Park. Rented our bikes and took off to ride along the quiet coast of Singapore for 1hr. Yes, you can still find places which is less crowded in Singapore and Changi Beach Park is one of those places.

Cycling is fun! Soft on the knees and soothing to the mind. With just a few small metal plates "called" gears working together, a bicycle can take you further than where your feet alone can bring you. 

I have to thank my mom and dad for buying me my first bicycle and teaching me to ride. I was only 5 and was not the most adventurous kid in the block. It took me a while, but like many things, cycling is one of those skills that I don't need to be a pro to enjoy the many benefits that it brings...

JB and Miss Teddy, resting


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