Fundraising for Cancer: Week 2

Hello readers!

Last 2 weeks I was occupied with setting up my first fundraising webpage. It is for the Race Against Cancer 2015, an event organized by Singapore Cancer Society.

The plan was to raise SG$3,500 in 7 weeks. But the fundraising took off immediately within my circle of family, friends and also their friends that we have managed to raise >50% of the target in just under 2 weeks! Kudos to all who have contributed!

I felt deeply touched by every contribution that came into the fundraise. Everyone gave what little they have to support the cause; a true act of generosity that came from the love for others.

There are 5 weeks left from now till the event in September. We have started out strong and I hope we can continue the momentum of fundraising for this cause by sharing it here to the wider audience. Although I am not sure if there are anyone else reading this blog besides my own circle, only thing I can do is just blog about it.

If you wish to learn more about the cause or donate to it, then please visit the following link:

Lastly in case you don't feel like giving money/ can't afford to give (I am persistent, I know 😊), then please post a shout-out on your Facebook, Twitter, etc. so that someone, somewhere can be made aware of this opportunity to contribute and make good.

Thank you so much for your support!!

God bless!


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