Chemo survival kit #3: Caps

One of the weirdest side effect that came along with Chemo is scalp pain. This happened shortly after 'the shaving' episode when all my hairs (including the super trimmed short ones) are gone. The pain come as a sore-like feeling, like my hair was constantly being pulled by an invisible force.

At first, I thought it was my imagination because I clearly have no hairs left! Only after a while, when my stupidbrain starts to work, that I figured it was because of direct exposure to the surrounding element that was causing such discomfort.

To fix it was easy. I got myself a few caps and wore them day and night. The pain was gone within days. However hairs from other parts of my body kept falling off until one day I am left without eyebrow and eyelash. I thought I did looked liked an alien.

"Do you think it's because I hated my hair that God had made me bald?" I asked JB one fine afternoon when we were out.

"God is not that kind of god, Darling. Don't think too much."

JB is right, God never condemns and I am glad to have a good God.

Me in my various cap.


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Abet said...

Don't hate your hair.. I loved/envy them coz they were so thick.