Loving Teddy

Last Sunday Teddy was called in for an interview with SOSD's Healing Paw program.

It is a program where the owner of an animal (usually dogs) and, the animal itself pay visitation to old folks home, hospital, disability home & etc. to provide emotional healing to the patients.

As the program seems like a good opportunity for the family to bond while giving back to the society, it is rather something that I, as Teddy's mummy was really looking forward too. Teddy on the other hand was indifferent; even till the day of the interview itself...

There were about 7-8 dogs that came for the interview session and all dogs are required to go through a series of assessments where exaggerated scenarios would be enacted to test their reactions. It lasted about 1hr and we got the result within that night itself.

At the end, Teddy was deemed as unsuitable to be a volunteer because she was not comfortable at being hugged too tightly. I mean seriously, who would? Especially if you are a stranger!! - anyway, that's just mummy defending her baby.

On the hindsight, Teddy had some good time smelling other dogs and getting pet on her head. And she doesn't seemed too bothered for failing the interview. Just look at her big smile! Isn't it a great attitude? - muaks Teddy, mummy loves you no matter what.


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