Medical - June 2015 updates

Earlier this month, I did my CT scan and the result shows that there are still two tiny lesions in my lungs, stupidcancer. And because their size has remain unchanged for the past 10 months (which is a good news), and also because I have been taking chemo for a year, Dr. S thought that it would be a good idea for me to stop chemo and go back to normal life. Yay!

According to Dr. S and also Dr. L, it is either dead or dormant. But there is no way for them to confirm which of the category the two lesions falls under because their size are so small and located deep inside my lungs that there is no way to reach it to get a biopsy. Dr. L did however suggested an alternative procedure that can be done to get rid of it all together, which is via radio frequency. So I did my google on it, and found out that it is a fairly normal procedure use to remove cancer cells from the lungs with the side effects of having pneumothorax.

Didn't sound bad after all, but both JB and I don't like the idea of poking my lungs another time especially if we are not sure what it is (though secretly I already have a feeling that the stupid cancer is dead). So we decided to take this to my traditional chinese medicine (TCM) doctor to ask for her opinion tomorrow. So hopefully we'll have something concrete to work on from there.



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