Chemo survival kit #1: Feel Good Songs

Having went through a year of chemo was something. Sometimes I felt bad but, most of the time I felt good (thank God!)
As I look back on what actually kept me through my chemo period (because it can be so draggingly long and bored...), included in my chemo survival kit was a list of feel good songs that I will bring along to listen to when the pre-med failed to knock me out (yeap, that's why most patients are sleeping if you happened to wonder why).

And by feel good songs, I am referring to soulful and insightful songs. Songs that will let you feel empowered, and bring hope; not some nonsensical songs that only sings about what happened Last Friday Night, where you met this Baby that fills in your Blank Space In Da Club.

...haha, anyway going back to the list of songs; I have listed few of my favorites here for you chemo warriors, I hope you'll enjoy them just as much as I do.

1. Alicia Keys - Superwoman

2. Florence And The Machine - Shake It Off

3. for KING & COUNTRY - Shoulders

4. Hillsong United - Oceans

5. Jars of Clay - Flood

6. Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up

7. Mandisa - Overcomer

8. Sara Bareallies - Try

9. Switchfoot - Dare You To Move

10. The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun


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