If I could Ask God Anything: Awsome Bible Answers for Curious Kids - Kathryn Slattery

I used to enjoy reading books, like all kind of books. However for some reason during my time in Perth, I stopped reading. And when that happened it happened totally. I am glad that I have picked up reading again and this is my second book in half a year. It's slow, but I am still very pleased. Yay!

Since my last confession, that I am a lazy believer, I have made it a point to put more effort to get to know God. And this book provides the answer to just anything a person want to know quickly about Christianity and God. There is also a bonus section on seasons and holidays that gives us the answer on how Santa Clause and My Valentine comes by! 

Most reviews for this book is focused on how useful it is for a child, for me, I agree with Kathryn that this is a book for children of all ages. However in reading this book, I was also hoping that I will be able to find answers for my question to God. Which is: "What am I here for?"

Unfortunately it doesn't provide me with the answers. I guess I'll have to read something more serious or grown up... ...which I hope will not be too bored to discourage my new faith.


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