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Last night I was reading an article about the '10 ideas that are changing our life' by TIME magazine and the first thing that came to my mind was apple, iPhone, mac or whatever you call them. However, apple wasn’t the top in the list, in fact it did not made it to the list at all (at least according to TIME). Surprisingly according to them, living alone is the number one idea that is changing us someway or another.

At first this caught me of guard. However, after finished reading the article and digesting the information… I thought to myself: “Yeah, why not? In fact it sounded like a good idea!”

So why is the idea of living alone considered to be changing our life?

Basically it’s the individual freedom that one has over their own life; one can eat and do whatever and whenever they want; get naked and walk around the house with no one passing on a bad judgement; sing a song as happily and loudly as they like without feeling ashamed if it’s out of tune and all the other small small things that living alone gives to the individual as oppose to when staying with another person – may it be with a roomy, friend, partner or even worst – parents!

However, that’s not the main benefit…! The main benefit with living alone is it can cultivate a person to have more self-control and self-realisation, because with less influence from other people, self-identity will become stronger and the individual mind will turn to be independent of the stereotyping that we see so often today.


As oppose to living alone, the traditional belief all living things must exist in pairs… Not only this was the tradition that my ancestors had been keeping (which was the reason why I am even here) but also it was recorded in the oldest scripture in the world – the bible, where it reads "... Noah built an ark and with GOD’s instruction and then invited all living things in pairs to board the ark when the big flood deluge the world..." - Now surely that mean something?

So let's see, the biggest benefit for living in pairs is that it will provide companionship. With that comes support, brainstorm, opinion and advice. Decisions that are made are mutually agreeable, which will then nature an individual to be responsible and committed to their actions. The word 'I' will be replaced by 'WE' - which might seem easy said but hard to achieve. Because to get a mutually understanding position, both parties will need to communicate where according to some reserch - it is one of the ingredient to happiness... because life will be unpredictable, chaotic and sometimes – interesting.

Of course there is no definite say that living alone or living in pairs is better compare to the other as both have their own benefits, therefor it is totally dependent on the individual to judge which is better.

As for me, after considering the pros and cons, I think I’ll want to wake up every morning to the smiling face of someone that I care - be it my partner, family or friends… (^_^)


Stupidgale is a Sino-Kadazan office nerd during the day and leisure blogger by night. She enjoys writting about everything under the sun and is currently living in Singapore with her family (including teddygirl the corgi).


Abet said...

Hehe.. Like kids essay.. cute :)

Stupidgale said...

Which one kiddy? The dog one ka? hehe.. anyway I can only write and say what I want... but I still dun understand people when they are talking... also the articles.. tried to read a few but still super clueless haha

Abet said...

Yeah i meant the dog (in Japanese).. The one with living alone is insightful. :)