2012: My New Confession to Faith

I feel that I am beginning to enjoy going to church… not because of the social activity there – but because unlike other sermons that I had attended before, Pastor S who preaches in the GC church is funny and practical in applying Christianity to life… Before I wasn’t a huge fan of religion because I don’t feel the connection between religion and life… all I got was that we should worship HIM but there’s no practicality to life mentioned… god seems like an animated figure - a guy who have all the power to make your life miserable but yet is also the same guy who will give you all the miracles as long as you believe and worship him… which was sadly the exact reason that hinders my acceptance to religion… because I simply cannot agree to religion if it has no connection to how we as human being relates to and behave in life… But my view to that has recently changed… secretly I think I am beginning to believe…


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