My circle of friends in Perth is expanding…!

Well not precisely like back home in Malaysia and Singapore that big type circle of friends but I’m getting there… and I am feeling great about it... (^_^) They are friends from TAFE Japanese class that I had enrolled to… Age range: Various

Because the course itself is a self-interest class to develop our knowledge in the Japanese language most of the students eventually will wanna go abroad to Japan to travel someday… in fact some of them did it and would like to go back again… which is one thing in common amongst us that then lead to other common things like study better for tests (lots of this this term), setting up study group and lunches after class… anyway, next week is the final week for this term and after that it’s two months of holidays till Feb/ March (?)

On the other hand, JB is also burning the mid night oil these days for his finals and then it’ll be another new year all over again...


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