a, i, u, e, o

I'm learning Japanese - *wink*wink*

Enrolled in the TAFE certificate II for Japanese language mainly because I wanted to learn something new... get my mind focus on something... and also to expand my circle of 'acquitances' in Perth.

I came to realise that moving to a new place is not that easily adaptable especially when there is a cultural and social gap.

Breaking the communication barrier is already a problem to begin with... to add it up with other things like being in a foreign place with no friends just make the experience worst.

I wanted to go out and dance but after an ordeal of passing out with just a couple of drinks made me wary of the things that they serve in the pubs. Then I wanted to go out and dive but the weather is just not on my side. The cold gets into your bone and it rains all day. Gave me an impression that even my friend up there is also not on my side. All these are making me even more home sick. I miss not only the company of people around me but also the feeling when I'm dranch in the sweet tropical sweat...

Mum has decided to move to Brisbane... ** dumb struck**

So I'm left with my a, i, u, e, o ...


Stupidgale is a Sino-Kadazan office nerd during the day and leisure blogger by night. She enjoys writting about everything under the sun and is currently living in Singapore with her family (including teddygirl the corgi).


Abet said...

Huh..? u passed out with just a couple of drinks.. doesn't sound like u o...:)

Stupidgale said...

betul.. and i'm like super sick until balik balik puke... teruk tau.. the feeling is like I puke all the alcohol that I had stomach over the years.. huhu.. sob sob