Baby Steps

8th months in Perth and I still hadn't made any new friends apart from my colleagues and afew church members.The isolation is really getting on my nerve so last week I made the first move by organizing 'a' activity to 'so-called' improve my relationship with the less controversial group - by inviting my colleagues to join a 12km fund raising walk on the City of Surf.I didn't thought they would agree to it at first - cause we seldom talk anything apart from work - so when they agreed to come along, I suddenly felt like I am a little dis-orientated because it's been a while since I've organized anything... Feels like little baby steps...


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Abet said...

Hah... fund raiser..? wa...i never thought u cold organized that...:)

Brapa la org p? Raised a lot of $$?

Stupidgale said...

nola.. tu fund raiser is organised by the event organiser.. i just ask them to join ja.. $45 per pax.. so total from my company i raised $270 ;)