York, WA

York is a historical town which is situated approximately 92km of Perth, WA. A lovely place to go on a day trip, have lunch and drive back home just after the day turns dark.

One of the thing that really intrigues me is that the place is so historical that you can literally find anything that's old there... There's the old town hall, old court house, old post office, old fuel pumps, old fire station and etc. all over York. It’s like that whole town is an antic by itself that you’ll feel like you’re are in the black and white film from the moment you make the turn into York.

I guess the main attraction in York is the Motor Museum that is situated in the center of the town. The museum have a huge collection of timeless vehicles and entrance fee is reasonably priced at $8.50 per adult and $25 per family package. I am not really sure how old the Motor Museum is but, from the 'che-king' sound made from the chasier machine it gave me a pretty good idea that the museum would probably have displays which are as old as the 1950's or earlier.

ADDED: I don't want to spoil the impression that the town is so old that it is full with old people and that the town is actually 'dying'. As much as the town has to offer, York just can't seem to catch up with the change of time because young people are moving away. But I guess as much as York has loose its glory over time, it still has shown some resistance in totally fading away as people came to recognise York as a historical town in WA.


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Abet said...

U forgot to mention 'old people'..:)

Stupidgale said...

yalo.. and that there are old couple crusing in their old car playing old music..! hehe.. it's really a sight that you need to be there to experience...