If blogs were to disspear tomorrow, what would be your parting words?

Maybe I’ll take up counseling if blogs were to disappear tomorrow – just to keep myself sane. Or I'll die and go psych as a result of bottling up all the frustrations that I have towards the world in my caned size head. But wait a minute; probably it wouldn’t only be me because in this era that we are living in I’m sure there’s bound to be a lot people who is blogging for personal reasons… So I’m not entirely alone anyway *wink*... And to think of my parting words..? I guess it’ll probably be something like how the Wonder Girls sing it – I want nobody nobody but you (clap clap).


Stupidgale is a Sino-Kadazan office nerd during the day and leisure blogger by night. She enjoys writting about everything under the sun and is currently living in Singapore with her family (including teddygirl the corgi).

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